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When a business that owes you money goes bankrupt

What happens when a company that your enterprise does business with files for bankruptcy protection?

Unfortunately, this is a common problem that almost all business owners face at some time or another if they have any business-to-business dealings. Changes in the market, managerial mistakes and even something that causes a company bad press can throw a once-thriving company into financial chaos. That's why it's important to know how to handle the situation.

Featured in 2018 Women in Law in Attorney at Law Magazine

AAL-CONGRATS-PROMO.jpgCongratulate Kindra Deneau on her featured article in last months 2018 Women in Law in Attorney at Law Magazine. We are all proud to be apart of her journey and can't wait to keep seeing her successes grow with the future to come. To all your dedication and hard work, Cheers!!

Real estate marketing and the Fair Housing Act

As a realtor, the last thing that you want to do end up being accused of discrimination.

Facebook allegedly enabled discriminatory practices by allowing realtors to exclude certain ethnic audiences from their target market when they sent out their ads. In the wake of that scandal, it seems wise to reiterate the best way to make sure that your real estate marketing efforts aren't in violation of the Fair Housing Act.

Guest Speaking with The Barrett Women's League

BWL.pngKindra Deneau will be a guest speaker tonight for the ladies at the Barrett Womens League at ASU. She is honored to share for her second year with these wonderful upcoming women her experience in being an alumni and where her journey has taken her since. To the women of Barrett Women's League she is excited to get to meet you all. 

Crowdfunding your new startup

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money through public donations -- and sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter have allowed entrepreneurs of all kinds to take their fundraising efforts directly to the internet, potential investors and future consumers.

However, there's a number of critical legal issues that need to be addressed before you start crowdfunding. These include:

Is your business violating copyright laws by playing music?

Do you enjoy it when customers walk into your store or café and are enjoying the music you have playing? Most likely, the music is enhancing their experience of visiting your establishment. What would happen if that music had to be turned off? It could happen to you as a result of being sued for copyright infringement for playing the music without proper licensing.

Arizona city's real estate deal may violate the law

Cities are generally eager to keep properties from becoming vacant eyesores. When that happens, it can negatively affect the property rates of the entire surrounding area.

Maybe that's why Glendale city authorities were willing to sell a property it bought in 2008 for $735,000 to investors for a mere $25,000 today. The new investors -- unlike others who might have been willing to pay more but inclined to hold onto the empty property until they could realize a better return -- have promised that they'll have a business operational on the premises within six months. The prospective owners also have promised city officials that they will make repairs, promote business in the city's downtown and try to recruit other companies to come into the area.

Don't invest in a business trademark prematurely

Every young entrepreneur these days knows that branding is important to marketing -- and trademarks are a part of branding.

Unfortunately, a lot of new business owners end up investing a lot of resources in a trademark prematurely -- and that can backfire in a big way. Here's what you should know.

3 things to know before investing in commercial real estate

If you've previously invested in residential real estate, you may want to try your hand at commercial property investment as well.

It's a great idea, and commercial property investments can be very profitable. However, there are some important ways in which commercial property investments differ from residential property investments that you need to understand before you take the plunge.

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