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Don't invest in a business trademark prematurely

Every young entrepreneur these days knows that branding is important to marketing -- and trademarks are a part of branding.

Unfortunately, a lot of new business owners end up investing a lot of resources in a trademark prematurely -- and that can backfire in a big way. Here's what you should know.

3 things to know before investing in commercial real estate

If you've previously invested in residential real estate, you may want to try your hand at commercial property investment as well.

It's a great idea, and commercial property investments can be very profitable. However, there are some important ways in which commercial property investments differ from residential property investments that you need to understand before you take the plunge.


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You need a shareholder agreement in place for your business

Every great business has to start somewhere, but most don't think about starting with a shareholder agreement. In fact, most business owners don't think about drafting a shareholder agreement until the first problems arise.

There are real world reasons why that's a bad idea, and why your startup should have a shareholder agreement in place.

When is an employment contract necessary?

Business contracts can get complex. It is tempting for some employers to bypass employment contracts, as it is another box to check off the never-ending list. While it is true some businesses get by without writing employment agreements, a lot can go wrong. For small business owners and large companies, this is a costly risk.

What constitutes mortgage fraud?

Mortgage fraud is a big business. Because mortgages often involve complex transactions with which the average property owner is unfamiliar, a dishonest realtor, broker or mortgage company can take advantage of sellers, buyers or those looking to refinance.

The results can be financially disastrous for anyone who gets caught up in these schemes. To avoid this havoc, it's important to do your research before taking out a mortgage.

Can you stop a foreclosure on your business property?

If your business has run into financial problems, your creditors may seek to foreclose on your business property or equipment.

That's a disaster you probably won't be able to recover from. If you believe that your financial issues are truly temporary, you need to act quickly to halt the foreclosure process in its tracks. Here are some of your options:

Arizona condo owner files suit against homeowners' association

A lot of people dislike their homeowners' associations (HOAs) for various reasons. However, sometimes the issues evolve straight into a legal battle.

The owner of one Phoenix condo has filed a lawsuit against his HOA and its property manager over what he says was blatant race and age discrimination toward his tenants.

Special concerns with restaurant leases

Restaurants are a unique type of business -- and you can't afford to make mistakes when you negotiate your commercial lease. Otherwise, you could be stuck with terms that make it impossible for you to do good business.

The most important rule for any lease negotiation is to have your objectives in mind before you start. Here are some of the most important considerations for any restaurant lease:

Steps to ensure the legality of your trademark

Beginning a business and developing your brand constitutes an exciting process. You want to ensure that your business concept proves unique and protected by the United States government, so you made the decision to create and apply for a trademark.

Trademark laws make it simple to protect your brand idea or logo, but hiring an attorney to aid you in filing the correct legal documents ensures that your trademark requires protection and other businesses may not copy your trademarked business elements.

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