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Use these tips to prevent financial fraud

A lot of people seem to think that white collar crime isn't really that serious. They justify their thinking by saying that, unlike violent crimes, "nobody gets hurt." Maybe that's why some employees are willing to take the risk and steal from an employer.

Unfortunately, white collar crime can destroy your business faster than you built it, whether you're dealing with embezzlement, fraud or some other scheme. As a business owner, it's your job to be constantly on watch -- and to do what you can to prevent workplace crimes before they happen.

Understanding property easements (before you buy)

If you're looking at a piece of property with an easement, you need to understand exactly what that means before you decide to buy.

While there are a number of types of easements, most allow you to use another person's property in a very limited fashion -- as long as you do so in the expected manner without unduly disturbing that person and without laying claim to it.

Company takes heavy losses for unwanted phone calls

Unwanted sales calls and "robo-dialers" are one of the biggest nuisances associated with owning a phone. Everybody seems to have a story about a company that manages to call during the middle of dinner or in the early hours of the morning when people are still asleep.

Well, one Arizona company is now feeling a significant sting for invading the privacy of consumers.

What do you do if your business is foreclosed?

You are a hard worker who built your business from the ground. It has been successful for a number of years. Your business is almost like your child. You sacrifice to ensure its success. What if one day you fall behind on your mortgage payments and your baby faces foreclosure? What do you do?

Could a 'flipped' house cause you a big legal problem?

Ever since the property market hit the skids back in 2007, there's been a huge increase in available houses that have been bought for a song, renovated on a dime and resold for big bucks.

This has created some major headaches for people in real estate. Agents have to walk a thin line when it comes to laws regarding full disclosure of any property defects.

Entrepreneurs: Pay attention to these legal issues

When you're the owner of your own business, does the work ever end?

Not really. You probably knew that before you ever opened your drawers, however, so it's no surprise. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for some of the modern legal issues that face the small business owner.

Arizona realtors using security cameras on buyers

Buyers beware: That home security camera might not just be a selling point for the home you're considering for purchase. It could be a tool that the seller's realtor is using to quietly record whatever you say or do while you're viewing the property.

Whether you're conscious of a security camera or not, realtors are advising their buyers to be cautious about what they say while in someone's home. They indicate that using a security camera to record potential buyers is becoming a common trend -- and buyers seldom disclose the tactic.

The legal tripwires of 'influencer' marketing

The big buzz these days in the business world centers around "influencers" and influencer-marketing.

Influencers are simply people who have developed a following on social media for one reason or another. Influencers can be entertaining and often particularly knowledgeable about certain subjects. Most importantly, they have the attention of the consumers that follow them on the social platforms they use. Companies of all sizes have begun to include influencers in their advertising campaigns in order to do some highly-targeted, highly-effective marketing.

What 2 big things can get a realtor sued?

If you're a realtor, there's good news and bad news for you in this article.

The good news is that the housing market is strong and people are buying property again. The bad news is that there's a rise in the number of lawsuits being seen against realtors and brokers.

What benefits could copyright registration have for your company?

From music, to written works, to photos, to videos, there are many types of original creative works that could be very important to your business’ success. So, copyright protection may be critical for your business.

Copyrights protect original works of authorship. This can cover a great many things. All that needs to happen for a qualifying work to enjoy copyright protection is for it to be put into a tangible form. So, a business owner doesn’t have to federally register the copyright of a creative work important to the business for it to be protected.

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