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How do you legally deal with a tenant that hoards?

A tenant that hoards can be a real problem for landlords. The piles of useless items can put a tremendous weight on upper floors of a rental, make it impossible to service plumbing and electrical problems and hide all manner of vermin.

Unfortunately, it isn't always possible to simply evict a tenant for hoarding. Hoarding has been officially recognized as a disabling condition since 2013, when it entered the diagnostic manual of mental disorders used by psychiatrists. That means that hoarders have certain rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to ask for reasonable accommodations for their problem.

How do you stop a business foreclosure?

Your building may be the center of your business operations. For those who require specialized locations, like restaurants and factories, it can be very difficult to pick up shop and move to a new location.

Unfortunately, if your business gets into financial trouble and can't pay the loans secured by the property, that's exactly the situation you may face if the bank decides to foreclose.

Understand time-share risks and obligations before you sign

A timeshare is a unique type of real estate offering where people purchase shares of the property instead of the whole thing.

Unlike a property that's been left jointly to several people, timeshares are often owned by people that don't even know each other. The lure of the timeshare is that it allows people who could never afford a vacation home in a luxury spot to have that dream -- at least on a fixed schedule every year. Everyone who owns part of the property gets the use of it for their week or month, depending on how much they own.

Going to bring on a business partner?

Running a business has many challenges. You may not have a strong desire to take on all of these on your own. This may lead you to consider bringing on a business partner, someone to help share the load and collaborate with. Good business partnerships can bring a lot of success for companies. A troubled partnership, however, could pose real challenges for a business and make life more difficult for all of the partners. There are steps business owners can take to try to ensure a partnership falls into the first category rather than the second.

Arizona car rental company held liable for actions

An Arizona rental car company, known by both Saban's Rent-A-Car and Pheonix Car Rental, has been held accountable for some pretty underhanded business dealings that have left past clients in the lurch.

Now, past victims may be able to claim compensation for their losses if they step forward with a complaint.

What is an easement?

There is often a lot of confusion surrounding easements and what rights they provide. If someone else has one on your property, or you have one on another person's property, it's critical to know what legal rights and obligations it contains.

Here are a few key facts about an easement:

  • It allows a person who does not own the land to use it in a specific way.
  • It may only apply to a certain part of the land, rather than the entire property.
  • The person who has the easement can use the land, but he or she cannot occupy it.
  • The easement holder is also not allowed, in most cases, to stop other people from coming on the property. The only exception is if those people make it impossible for the person to properly use the easement.
  • The person who owns the land can still use the easement.
  • The landowner cannot stop the easement holder from entering the land or using it.

How do you fire an employee (without getting sued)?

How do you insulate your business from allegations of discrimination and still have the leeway you need to get rid of employees who aren't working out?

The best thing that you can do is adopt a solid set of employment policies that go into place from the moment you take on a new hire:

4 rules to follow when considering a commercial lease

A commercial lease is far more complicated than an ordinary rental.

Unfortunately, that's information that many new business owners don't have when they first start out. It may not be until they encounter a problem for the first time that they find out. By then, naturally, it could be too late to avoid a very expensive lesson.

Disney sues Redbox for copyright infringement

Like most Americans, it’s possible that you’ve enjoyed the convenience of a kiosk service to rent DVDs, Bluray discs and video games. However, the day and age of movies and games on discs are ending putting services like Redbox in hot water.

In order to remain competitive, Redbox is launching a Beta Version streaming service that provides its customers with movies and games on demand. This new service allows users to download movies, making Redbox competitive with other streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Youtube. But one company is claiming that what Redbox is doing is illegal and is taking them to court over it.

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