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October 2017 Archives

What are some pros and cons of forming a joint venture?

As with most endeavors that involve business law, a joint venture comes with an array of risks and rewards. Doing your due diligence in investigating the pros and cons of such an arrangement is definitely a good idea. This is especially important if you are new to the business world or have never entered into a business partnership before.

Will creating an employee handbook protect my business?

Almost all businesses today provide staff members with an employee handbook. This brings many benefits to employees and employers alike, and yes, legal protection is just one of these benefits. However, an employee handbook is only as good as its language and contents. A poorly drafted book or one that does not take business law or proper legal language into consideration will fail to protect you and your business when it really matters.

Real estate: Dealing with your landlord if a dispute occurs

It is safe to say that most commercial tenants and landlords are professionals who share a mutual interest in fostering a good relationship. Despite this, misunderstandings can arise or one party can make a simple mistake that may or may not violate the rights of the other party. While either party in a commercial real estate contract can be on the negative end of a dispute, this post will focus on the tenant who feels he or she has been wronged in some way.

Tips to use when negotiating a commercial lease in Arizona

If you use leased commercial space to operate a business in the Tempe region of Arizona, you probably want to make sure you get the best deal. After all, the amount you spend on real estate will have an effect on your bottom line. Landlords are also interested in protecting and enhancing their own bottom lines by charging tenants as much rent as they can get by with. Finding a mutually beneficial middle ground can be a challenging endeavor for business owners in the area.

Own a small business? Why you may benefit from having a lawyer

The field of business law typically brings images of huge corporations to mind. While business law attorneys do work with large companies, they are also invaluable to the small business as well. The Tempe region of Arizona is home to many small businesses, and we believe legal services can benefit each one of these enterprises.

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