Own a small business? Why you may benefit from having a lawyer

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2017 | Blog

The field of business law typically brings images of huge corporations to mind. While business law attorneys do work with large companies, they are also invaluable to the small business as well. The Tempe region of Arizona is home to many small businesses, and we believe legal services can benefit each one of these enterprises.

Not all business law services involve litigation or corporate mergers. In fact, many of a lawyer’s duties center on helping businesses function in an efficient manner while also protecting their interests. For example, say your business is ready to hire new employees. A lawyer can help you draft sound and binding legal documents such as nondisclosure contracts or employment agreements. Other important duties a business law attorney performs include:

  • Advising founders and owners about Arizona business law
  • Assisting in the formation of a business
  • Creating protection strategies for intellectual property
  • Helping owners understand compliance laws regarding employment, taxes and other issues
  • Drafting shareholder or partnership agreements
  • Serving as a one-stop resource for a business’s entire legal document needs
  • Assisting with a business’s employment structure
  • Advising business owners on employment disputes
  • Representing a business in any type of litigation

As a small business grows, so does the business law attorney’s role. Having an advocate and knowledgeable representative that is familiar with an entity and its founders can be invaluable as a company evolves from a small business to a large corporation.

We urge all business owners in the Tempe area to learn as much as possible about business law. A great way to start is by viewing our blog and our website.