Real estate: Dealing with your landlord if a dispute occurs

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2017 | Blog

It is safe to say that most commercial tenants and landlords are professionals who share a mutual interest in fostering a good relationship. Despite this, misunderstandings can arise or one party can make a simple mistake that may or may not violate the rights of the other party. While either party in a commercial real estate contract can be on the negative end of a dispute, this post will focus on the tenant who feels he or she has been wronged in some way.

Unless a tenant has already been involved in a real estate dispute, he or she may not know the best way to deal with the landlord while seeking a resolution. This is where an attorney can be of great value. For example, a lawyer will listen to the tenant’s side of the dispute very carefully and use the facts of the case to suggest a course of action. This course of action will also contain advice on how to handle the landlord going forward.

We would like to offer our readers and our clients the following simple tips for dealing with landlords during a commercial real estate dispute.

  • Make sure all interactions with your landlord remain professional
  • Document all discussions between you and your landlord
  • Try to remain open to a mutually fair resolution your landlord might suggest
  • Avoid slandering your landlord or lashing out in anger
  • Don’t abandon your lease or violate its terms

We believe that staying on your best professional behavior can only aid in your attempts to resolve the dispute with your landlord. It will also help your case if you and your landlord should become involved in a legal action. Our legal blog offers additional real estate tips for Arizona professionals. Please visit us online.