Will creating an employee handbook protect my business?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | Blog

Almost all businesses today provide staff members with an employee handbook. This brings many benefits to employees and employers alike, and yes, legal protection is just one of these benefits. However, an employee handbook is only as good as its language and contents. A poorly drafted book or one that does not take business law or proper legal language into consideration will fail to protect you and your business when it really matters.

Giving your employees a handbook offers you an excellent opportunity to explain how your business functions. As for legal protection, it is also the ideal platform to establish the working relationship between you and your staff. Below are a few handbook inclusions that will offer you protection under business law.

  • Clear instructions about what you expect from your employees
  • Detailed information about your staff’s employee rights
  • Thorough descriptions of pay periods and work hours
  • Details about workplace policies such as family leave, jury duty, etc
  • Information about how your organization complies with federal and state labor and business law
  • Instructions informing employees where to turn if they require help related to their jobs

Having a well-written employee handbook can also protect you if a worker files a claim against your business. This is especially true if the handbook contains detailed information about the terms and conditions of working for your business.

Whether you draft your own employee handbook or hire a professional, you will benefit from having an attorney look over the material. This will ensure that you have used the right legal language and made no errors that violate Arizona’s labor and business laws.

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