What benefits could copyright registration have for your company?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2018 | Blog

From music, to written works, to photos, to videos, there are many types of original creative works that could be very important to your business’ success. So, copyright protection may be critical for your business.

Copyrights protect original works of authorship. This can cover a great many things. All that needs to happen for a qualifying work to enjoy copyright protection is for it to be put into a tangible form. So, a business owner doesn’t have to federally register the copyright of a creative work important to the business for it to be protected.

However, this does not mean that federal copyright registration is unimportant for business owners. It can provide an owner with some key benefits. We’ll now discuss three such benefits.

1. It puts others on notice

When you register a copyright, it lets the public know that the work is protected.

2. It can help with preventing the importation of infringing works

One fear you might have is that items infringing on your copyrights may be created abroad and then imported into the United States. Federal registration could help with addressing this concern. Registration allows for the creation of a record for protection against such importation with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

3. It can expand your options for responding to infringement

Having federal registration can be particularly important if your work is infringed upon. Generally, registration is required to file an infringement lawsuit in relation to a copyright of a work of U.S. origin. Also, as long as certain requirements are met regarding the timing of the registration, having registration can also open the door to a business owner being able to pursue statutory damages and attorney’s fees in connection to infringement.

Copyright issues can have significant impacts for businesses. So, when making decisions related to copyrights, such as the decision of whether to register a copyright, it can be critical for business owners to understand what impacts the decision could have for their business now and in the future. Having the guidance of a business lawyer knowledgeable on copyright issues can help with making informed decisions when it comes to such matters.