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Becoming Bezos: The Entrepreneur's Tolerance for Risk and Uncertainty

In a piece on why Amazon bought Whole Foods (which it did for close to $14B, apparently making the acquisition Amazon's largest in the company's history), Derek Thompson for the Atlantic argues that it's about the future of commerce itself. In this future, consumers skip the grocery store lines in favor of ordering Whole Foods delivery via Amazon's Alexa voice service.

Community Property Earnings Not Reachable To Satisfy Spouse's Separate Premarital Debt

Robertson Court Determines that a Husband's Community Property Earnings are Not Reachable to Satisfy Wife's Separate Premarital Debt - By Jane Joyce, Paralegal

In January of 2013 SPQR Venture, Inc., an Arizona Corporation, represented by Scottsdale Attorney and Councilwoman Lisa Borowsky, filed lawsuit in the Maricopa County Superior Court against Andrea and Bradley Robertson, husband and wife, represented by Phoenix Attorney Steven Feola, to garnish the wage income of Bradley in order to satisfy a premarital judgment debt against Andrea while simultaneously accusing them of fraudulently hiding assets.

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