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When does landlord monopolization cross the line?

Times are hard for renters, especially in mid-size to large cities. Competition to rent is steadily increasing, and renters are left with little to no option than to take overpriced apartments with strict contracts written to favor the landlord. When landlords use questionable tactics to evict renters so that they can get higher rent, when it is time to say "enough is enough" and fight back?

Judge orders arbitration for dispute involving Diamondbacks

For several years, the beloved Arizona Diamondbacks and Maricopa County have been embroiled in a real estate dispute. Recently a judge with the Maricopa County Superior Court ordered the two entities to work out the issue in arbitration. The judge also urged both parties to reach a speedy resolution.

Arizona city and its ballpark trade blows over park's closure

The Arizona city is Gilbert and the ballpark is Big League Dreams. These two parties are currently warring with one another about the closure of this popular piece of real estate. Gilbert says the little league ballpark is not safe and must remain closed for repairs. Big League Dreams representatives dispute the allegations of poor safety and want the city to reopen the park.

What we do: The many roles of a real estate lawyer

If we had to sum up our services in a single sentence, it would be an extremely difficult task. Saying something to the effect of "we provide legal advice and guidance related to selling or purchasing real property in Arizona" would be accurate, but it would also be a largely incomplete description. Attorneys who work in real estate law do so much more than the simple words above describe.

Differences over definitions can make business plans crumble

In a time when the idea that alternate facts can exist at the same time, it might be a good time to review the value of words and the importance of everyone being on the same page when it comes to their definitions. This is particularly important where the law is concerned. Without agreement on our understanding of words, black can mean white, or dry can mean wet.

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